Development direction and market development of connector

Connector Market Overview

With the rapid growth of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication market and global connector production capacity continues to Asia and Chinese transfer, Asia has become the most potential connector market place, and Chinese market will become the fastest growing global connector and the largest capacity. It is estimated that the future Chinese connector market growth rate will continue to exceed the global average, the next 5 years, China connector market size average annual growth rate will reach 15%, to 2010, the Chinese connector market capacity will reach 25 billion 700 million yuan.

The main supporting field of electric connectors with traffic, communication, network, IT, medical appliances, etc., the rapid growth of the rapid development of the market and the technical level of ancillary products in the field of the strong traction connector technology development. So far, the connector has developed into a complete product range, specifications, structure diversity, rich professional direction segments and industry characteristics and standard system standard series of professional products.

Overall, the development of connector technology showed the following characteristics: high speed signal transmission and digital signal transmission, integration, product volume miniaturization, product cost, contact termination method, surface mount module combination and plug convenient etc.. The above technology represents the development direction of the connector technology, but it should be noted that the above technology not all connectors are required, different areas and different connector supporting environment, the demand is completely different.

Connector development

The development of connector should be miniaturization, high density, high speed transmission and high frequency. Miniaturization means that the center of the connector is smaller than the center, and the high density is achieved by counting large cores. High density PCB (printed circuit board) connectors, the total number of contacts reached 600 cores, special devices can reach up to 5000 cores. High speed transmission refers to modern computer, information technology and network technology, requiring signal transmission at a time scale of megahertz band, pulse time of sub millisecond, so high-speed transmission connector is required. High frequency is to adapt to the development of millimeter wave technology, RF coaxial connectors have entered the millimeter wave operating frequency band.