Q The advantages of USB 3.0?
  • Administrator reply:
  • USB3.0 - also known as SuperSpeedUSB - provides a standard interface for devices that connect to the PC or audio / high-frequency devices. From keyboard to high throughput disk drive, a variety of devices can use this low-cost interface for smooth operation plug and play connection, the user basically do not spend too much thought on it.
Q How do I fix the USB interface?
  • Administrator reply:
  • If the BIOS USB open, and plug up electricity, drivers are installed, or devices that you cannot use USB, USB port has been broken, if only one USB port bad other good, just contact the port is not bad, if a few USB ports all bad, mostly the main version of the broken bridge chip.
Q What are the USB3.0 interface U disk usage issues?
  • Administrator reply:
  • USB3.0 is a technology and a specification, and many notebooks now support USB3.0 by default, but this support is not compatible with each other, but is related to the chipset used on the motherboard. There are also some differences between the USB3.0 support provided by different chipsets over the motherboard.
Q What is the USB 3.0 interface size standard?
  • Administrator reply:
  • The USB specification is as follows: 3 briefly provides 5Gb per second transmission speed higher; need more power to support equipment to provide better support, maximize the bus power supply; increase new power management function; full duplex data communication, provides faster transmission speed; backward compatible with USB 2 devices
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