Why use connectors?

Why use connectors?

Imagine what would have been without the connector? This circuit is used between the continuous conductor permanently connected together, such as the electronic device is connected to the power supply, must connect the two ends of the wire, and the electronic device and a power supply by a method (such as welding) connected.

As a result, both for the production and use, have brought a lot of inconvenience. Take automobile batteries as an example. Assume that the battery cable is fixed firmly on the battery, car factory for the installation of the battery will increase the workload, increase the production time and cost. The damage to the battery needs to be replaced, will be sent to the vehicle maintenance station, connecting the demolition of the old, and then welded on the new, so to pay more labor costs. With connectors, you can save yourself a lot of trouble, buy a new battery from the store, disconnect the connector, remove the old battery, install a new battery, and reconnect the connector. This simple example illustrates the benefits of connectors. It makes the design and production process more convenient and more flexible, reducing production and maintenance costs.

Benefits of connectors:

1, improve the production process

Connectors simplify the assembly process of electronic products. It also simplifies the mass production process;

2, easy maintenance

If an electronic component fails, a replacement element can be rapidly replaced with a connector;

3, easy to upgrade

As technology advances, you can update the components with connectors and replace the old ones with new and better components;

4, improve design flexibility

Using connectors allows engineers to be more flexible in designing and integrating new products, and when using components to make systems.